Mission and Vision

Our Mission
To inform, equip, and connect churches to transform lives and communities through the love of Christ.  We strive to walk alongside Knoxville-area churches who earnestly desire to slow down and respond to the cry of the suffering, the broken, and the abandoned within their congregations and out in the community. We believe that transformation begins to occur when churches prayerfully go out to serve existing ministries of compassion and justice already in the community, while also initiating and sustaining non-existing ministries both within and outside their membership.
Our Vision
Imagine living in a place where:
  • Christians from many denominations take seriously their mandate to extend the life and ministry of Jesus to their community;
  • Christians understand that loving their neighbors is a necessary outcome of loving their God;
  • Churches have become like family with each other and with the community;
  • Churches consistently make sacrificial investments of time, people, and money (together) to serve their community.
The greater Knoxville community can be such a place.

Our dream is to see several hundred churches striving together to be “God with skin on” to people struggling to find hope in our community. If enough of us walk together, Christ’s Kingdom will become as real in Knoxville as the air we breathe.

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